At the Summit there will be workers from secure locations in both Australia and abroad. We will not publicise the names or locations of these workers before or during the conference. Please note that U&U Summit has a strict no photography and no social media posting policy.

Summit 2021 is still going ahead! Due to COVID-19 regulations only limited tickets are available. 
If you would like more details on the Summit please contact us at hello@uucollective.com

Summit 2021 is exploring God's Plan for Suffering. God's Plan for Suffering in our lives, to reach the world.

Summit 2021 mobilises the Church for Christ's commission to the least reached by raising awareness of the great need amongst unreached and unengaged people groups, encouraging fervent prayer for these people, engaging with workers serving in those areas, and having the Bible taught. It is an opportunity to connect with like-minded senders and servers.

Summit 2021 is for those who have never prayed for or heard about Unreached people groups, and for those who have been praying, sending, or going their whole lives.

It will be a smaller event than last year as we adjust to the impact of COVID-19, there will only be 100 tickets so if you plan to come please purchase a ticket early as there was more than double that amount of people at the 2020 Summit. Don't worry - we already have a large auditorium for 2022 and so there will be room for everyone (and more!) in the coming years.

"The Unreached and Unengaged conference is an opportunity to hear about God's work among the unreached and the task that remains unfinished - the task of taking the gospel to people and places that have still not yet had the opportunity to hear about Christ. I recommend Unreached and Unengaged to anyone considering how they can play a part in God's plan for all nations. Soon after I came to Christ, God captured my heart for the unreached and this passion has shaped my life. My prayer is that this conference is a means God uses to do the same for you."
- Dr Richard Hibbert, Director of the SMBC Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission

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