Summit 24: Sorrow and Sovereignty

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Saturday 18 May 2024
Lower Mountains Anglican Church BLAXLAND (venue change)

Summit24: Sorrow + Sovereignty

18 May 2024
9am to 1pm

Lower Mountains Anglican Parish Glenbrook
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Define Unreached ➝  A people group is “unreached” when the population is less than 2% Evangelical Christians and less than 5% Professing Christians

︎ Why this definition? Read More at the Joshua Project

Define Unengaged  ➝  A people group is “unengaged” when there is no church planting strategy consistent with the Evangelical faith and practice under way.

︎ Hear these definitions discussed at Cross for the Nations 2019

Define Least Reached  ➝  The “least reached” refers to both unreached and unengaged people groups - groups with few or no local Christians, churches, Bibles, and little or no public access to the gospel.

︎ Learn More About Defining the Least Reached Here

Unreached and Unengaged people groups have no local Christians, no churches, no Bibles, and no public access to the gospel. Only 3% of global missionaries and 1% of mission giving are sent to the least reached.1 God has chosen to work and triumph through His word – the Bible – and through His people – the Church.   We need to go where God already is.
︎ State of the World - Global Frontier Missions

U&U Collective responds to this great need by raising awareness, encouraging prayer, and challenging people to send and go to the least reached. 

The desperate need amongst the unreached drives us to prayer. What began as two and three praying together transformed into a yearly Summit encouraging prayer for the least reached. U&U Collective now meets to pray in multiple locations across Sydney and the Illawarra - mobilising the church for Christ's commission to the least reached.

U&U Collective is all about God’s glory - we respond to what we see in the world and what we are convicted of through Scripture.

The saints have been seeking the lost since Christ’s commission. God has been working to bring people into relationship with Himself since before time began. It is a great joy to pray for, support, and join those who are at the fingertips of God’s work amongst the least reached.

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